We Provide You with the Best Vision, Regardless of Where You Live

Every year, patients from all over the world come to our CEI locations in New York or New Jersey to seek solutions for their unique eye problems.

If you are coming from out-of-state or overseas, we have taken steps to make your visit easier and more enjoyable.

Our liaison can recommend an appropriate hotel to stay in for the duration of your visit and even recommend restaurants and places to visit during your stay.

Please contact us in advance if you are coming from abroad so we can make sure that all necessary consultations, surgery and post-op visits are arranged so that you can accomplish all your goals during the duration of your stay. In case the need arises, we can also coordinate long-term post-op care (if necessary) with a local doctor where you live.

Our international patient liaison can help you coordinate the dates of your travel and help with arrangements for your travel and accommodations. When necessary, we can also help with visas for visitors from outside the USA. This help is usually in the form of a letter addressed to the US immigration authorities, describing your unique situation and the surgical reason for your visit to the USA.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best vision using the safest methods, regardless of where in the world you live

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