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Dr. Ilan Cohen

President and Medical Director​

Innovative Procedures
Turning Promise into Reality

Dr. Cohen is a board-certified ophthalmologist. He is fellowship-trained in cornea and refractive surgery. In the last 25 years, he has performed more than 80,000 vision correction procedures including on more than 1,000 doctors. Dr. Cohen performed the first implantable contact lens procedure (ICL), in the Tri-state area. Implantable Contact Lens serve as a LASIK alternative for patients with high myopia (extreme nearsightedness). He was featured on both Fox and ABC news for this groundbreaking achievement.

He performed the first artificial cornea procedure in the Tri-state area, restoring sight to a legally blind man who hadn’t seen out of one eye for decades which got him featured on CBS news. Watch videos of these news reports.

Dr. Cohen’s vast surgical experience includes a large number of complex cataract and LASIK surgeries that are referred to him by other ophthalmologists seeking his unique skill set with such delicate operations. This is perhaps one of the reasons that so many other eye doctors trusted their vision to his capable hands.

Dr. Cohen is a graduate of Tufts University School of medicine and did his cornea fellowship at the prestigious Vanderbilt Medical Center.

“I have dedicated my life to the mission of providing sharp, youthful vision, both at distance and near to patientsof all ages. Today, thanks to advances in modern technology, I strive to enhance your vision beyond what is possible with glasses or contacts”

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Motivated by an Early Family Tragedy to Pursue Surgical Excellence

When Dr. Cohen was a teenager, his brother suffered a serious eye injury when a bottle of Coke hit the ground and exploded. Glass shards penetrated his eye, and he had to undergo several surgeries. Watching this happen focused Dr. Cohen’s interest in vision and started him on the path he is still walking on– to help as many people as possible restore their eyesight and overcome ophthalmic ailments.

He loves combining the most advanced technology with patiently honed manual dexterity to produce an immediate change in people’s lives. It’s a continual challenge, and the rewards keep coming with each new patient who sees and feels better faster than imagined.

Dedication To Safety

Dr. Cohen has been a referral source for the surgical complications of other ophthalmologists from early in his career. He has therefore devoted his time and career to the reduction of surgical complications and the perfection of surgical techniques. The analysis of his surgical data over the last 10 years reveals a complication rate that is 10 times lower than the national average in cataract surgery and 5 times lower in LASIK. Perhaps this is the reason that more than 1000 doctors have decided to trust their vision to his hands.


Accelerating Momentum, Advancing Technology

Dr. Cohen anticipates laser cataract surgery will soon become the standard of care for cataracts. He also expects that newer, more advanced lens implants will continue to improve vision after surgery to such an extent that cataract patients will experience near-total freedom from glasses. But all this progress hinges on one critical element: The skill and knowledge of the surgeon, coupled with the latest technology. And the best way to know that you’ve found a highly skilled ophthalmologist is by looking at the track record of successful procedures performed, as well as the words of patients and other doctors.




Dr. Cohen is a graduate of Tufts university school of medicine. He did his fellowship in cornea and refractive surgery at the prestigious Vanderbilt university hospital.


Dr. Ilan Cohen Has Performed Over 80,000 Vision Correction Procedures.

Dr. Cohen is a fellowship-trained cornea specialist and has devoted his career to fine-tuning and perfecting surgical techniques that can change your vision and your life. This is perhaps the reason that more than 1,000 physicians have chosen him for the correction of their own vision.

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