Why Cohen Eye Institute?

See why more than 1000 physicians have chosen us for the correction of their own vision.

Our Mission at the Cohen Eye Institute

Our mission at CEI is to provide the safest solution for your vision problems; whether cataract, LASIK, ICL or any of the other surgical procedures we offer.

Results Supported by Data

What differentiates us from many of the other eye care centers is that our claims are not made in the void, or pitched by paid celebrity endorsements. They are supported by data gathered meticulously over the last 10 years. This is the reason that more than 1000 physicians have trusted Dr. Ilan Cohen with their
own eyes.

The Pre-Op Checklist

Our comprehensive screening process is one of the most detailed eye exams you could ever get.

Some of the critical measurements are taken multiple times with different instruments that use various methods. These measurements are then triple-checked for accuracy, twice by doctor Cohen himself and then by another one of our doctors to make sure nothing was missed or mistaken. You’d be surprised to find out how many complications in the United States are the result of simple mistakes in calculations and oversights that are completely avoidable.

Complex & Inovative Eye Surgeries

In addition, Dr. Cohen does a very high number of complex LASIK and cataract surgeries that are referred by other ophthalmologists for his unique surgical skill and experience. Just watch their testimonials here.

Dr. Cohen performed the first implantable contact lens procedure (ICL), in the Tri-state area. ICLs serve as a LASIK alternative for patients with high myopia (extreme nearsightedness). He was featured on both Fox and ABC news for this groundbreaking achievement.

He also performed the first artificial cornea procedure in the Tri-state area, restoring sight to a legally blind man who hadn’t seen out of one eye for decades which got him featured on CBS news. Watch videos of these news reports.

Our Staff

All of our doctors are screened carefully by Dr. Cohen to be the best in their respective fields and complement our uncompromising commitment to your vision’s safety and sharpness.

Our Offices

Our offices are conveniently located around the New York and New Jersey area and we see a fairly large number of patients that come from overseas or out-of-state. If you are such a patient, we have dedicated staff that can help you organize your stay in the area for maximum efficiency. We want to make sure that we can help anyone on the planet. If you coming from over seas please click here, to see how we can help you with your stay” and link to international patients page”

Latest Technology

The surgical technology used by Dr. Cohen is second to none. Both for LASIK (Allegretto Wave Light 500 and FS-200 dual laser suit), SMILE (Zeiss), and cataract surgery (Catalys laser cataract system combined with the Centurion phacoemulsification system). Dr. Cohen also uses a wide array of multifocal, extended-range, and astigmatism-correcting intraocular lenses that are specifically tailored to each patient.

You Are the Winner

At the Cohen Eye Institute, we use state-of-the-art equipment and highly capable professionals to diagnose and treat your eyes according to the highest medical and ethical standards. This is why more doctors choose our center for their own surgical care.

You Are the Winner

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