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Dr. Cohen has performed 75,000 eye surgeries, including on more than 1,000 physicians. This singular dedication to surgical techniques yields superior results.


Dr. Cohen performed the first ICL implant and the first artificial corneal implant in the Tri-state area. He remains at the vanguard of refractive surgery. Watch here!

Dr. Cohen is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist. This is the highest level of training possible in cataract surgery, LASIK, and other vision correction surgeries.

What other Doctors say about Dr. Cohen

Doctor Testimonial

When looking for a doctor to do my LASIK surgery, I was searching for someone with deep subject matter expertise, who is precise with a high degree of attention to detail, and who enjoyed and was enthusiastic about what they did.

Doctor Testimonial

I met Dr. Cohen through the recommendation of one of my ophthalmology friends when I was looking to get LASIK surgery. I am 20/15 in both eyes and have never had a problem. Thank you Dr. Cohen!

Doctor Testimonial

I chose Dr. Cohen for my cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant because over the last 20 years of knowing him and referring many of my patients to him, he never made a mistake. I couldn’t be happier with my vision.

Doctor Testimonial

Dr. Ilan Cohen is one of the finest surgeons I could possibly imagine. He has done multiple surgeries, he’s handled incredibly complicated cases. He is one of the finest doctors and I am more than happy to recommend him.

Doctor Testimonial

When it comes to mine or my family’s eyes, Dr. Cohen is my number one choice. Why? Because I have seen his results, and they are far superior than most surgeons in the area. If you want the best results, it’s Dr. Cohen that you have to go to.

Doctor Testimonial

Dr. Cohen is one of the finest surgeons I know. I have seen plenty of his LASIK post op results which have been excellent. I would not hesitate to send any of my family members to him. 

Doctor Testimonial

I have known Dr. Cohen for over 10 years through his reputation and personal interaction. He is one of the best surgeons that I know. When working on a complicated case, I will call Dr. Cohen because his opinion is very important to me.

Doctor Testimonial

I have co-managed hundreds of patients with Dr. Cohen who have had all kinds of refractive surgery. Each procedure is tailored to the patient's particular eye. 

Doctor Testimonial

I have been the director of an ophthalmology surgical center for the last 30 years. I personally know over 100 eye surgeons. If a member of my family needed eye surgery, Dr. Cohen would be the one to perform it.

Doctor Testimonial

I've been an optometrist for 19 years, and I've worked with a number of different surgeons. I think Dr. Ilan Cohen has some of the best hands that I've ever seen.

Doctor Testimonial

When I think of doctor Ilan Cohen, I think of the best. Dr. Cohen and I have been involved in some of the most exciting research projects. Dr. Cohen, in my opinion is one of the best surgeons on this plant.

Cohen Eye Institute Team

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with the sharpest vision possible while limiting risks to the absolute minimum. This goal cannot be accomplished by offering the same procedure to everyone. Most people know about LASIK and cataract surgery. But few know the benefits of Refractive Lens Exchange, EVO ICL, Topography-guided LASIK, SMILE, and other procedures for vision correction or restoration. For example, you might be interested in LASIK but did you know that LASIK cannot restore reading vision?

If you are over 45, Refractive Lens Exchange is the only procedure that could restore both distance and near vision for patients older than 45.

Dr. ILAN COHEN is a fellowship-trained cornea specialist and has devoted his career to fine-tuning and perfecting surgical techniques that can change your vision and your life. This is perhaps the reason that more than 1000 physicians have chosen him for the correction of their own vision.

Whether you are looking for freedom from glasses or have a cataract, our exceptional team of doctors will help you make the best decision.

Our comprehensive screening exam will gather detailed data about your eyes, goals, and other relevant health factors. We will then recommend to you the procedure that will best match your unique eyes.

Cohen eye institute mission

Dr. Cohen in the News & Media

Fox News

Dr. Sapna Parikh reports on the very first case of an ICL in New York performed by Dr. Ilan Cohen.

ABC 7 News

The surgeon, Dr. Ilan Cohen talks about “the unique” features of Implantable Collamer® Lens surgery as compared with LASIK.

CBS 2 News
An artificial corneal transplant is a complex surgery that is reserved for patients that have corneal blindness and are not otherwise candidates for a traditional corneal transplant.
“Always a pleasant experience at Dr. Cohen’s office. Doctors and staff very friendly and pleasant.”

John Moodhe

Cohen Eye Institute Google Business
“I recently had my first eye exam with Dr Cohen. I was very nervous to go, but was pleasantly surprised at not only how professional the office was, but how personable both Dr Cohen and staff were too! Everyone really set me at ease, explained everything in a very comfortable and easygoing manner. I was given a very thorough exam. I highly recommend Dr Cohen!”

Jodi Aranowitz

Cohen Eye Institute Google Business
“I was expecting a rather lengthy and uncomfortable series of tests to check my cataracts, based on a previous experience. The tests were performed quickly and efficiently with no discomfort. Everyone on the staff was pleasant and helpful. Dr. Cohen was thorough in his explanation of my particular eye issues and answered my questions, which were many. I felt at ease and not rushed. I would recommend Dr. Ilan Cohen and his practice without hesitation.”

Sandra Mand

Cohen Eye Institute Google Business
“Been there for consultation of Lasik. The check up was thorough and all the staff was very courteous and respectful. Dr Cohen checked my eye again(after all the earlier check ups) and gave me the best option. He was very polite and answered most of my questions. He is a renowned surgeon so the cost is a bit high, but you have the peace of mind of being in good hands.”


Cohen Eye Institute Google Business
“Office is well equipped with furniture and TV. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Waiting time was very short and acceptable. Tech was very helpful and taking base imaging. Dr. Chen is very lively and very knowledgeable . explained all test results and make us comfortable. I will recommend Dr. Chen and her staff without any hesitation. Best eye doctor around. Do not go anywhere if you live in Middlesex count – old bridge area.”


Cohen Eye Institute Google Business
“My wife and I were recently treated by Dr Argano and staff in their clean and modern equipped office. They are caring and professional in their treatment. If your LOOKING for a complete and thorough examination I highly recommend them!”

Richard C

Cohen Eye Institute Google Business

Our International Patients


Each year hundreds of patients come from overseas to New York City to seek Dr. Cohen’s unique expertise for LASIK, cataract surgery, or more complex eye surgeries. Our staff is committed to helping you arrange accommodations that will fit your needs and make your stay in New York City as well as your procedure as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Patients Testimonials

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL)

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Morar

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking or CXL is a relatively new procedure that offers hope to patients with keratoconus or with keratoectasia. These conditions affect the front part of the eye called the cornea.

If you have been diagnosed with one of these conditions you may be a candidate for CXL. This procedure is a short procedure that strengthens the links between the collagen fibers in the cornea. As a result, it can stop the progression of or even partially reverse keratoconus and keratoectasia. Some patients may follow this procedure with Topography-Guided PRK in order to improve their vision further and regain their sight.

As a cornea specialist that has extensive experience with these conditions, Dr. Cohen is uniquely qualified to perform it.

VIP Program

We realize that certain individuals have extremely busy lives and require special arrangements for a prompt evaluation and management.

Enhancing your Vision is our mission