The Latest Advances in Cataract Surgery

woman with cataract in eye

LASIK surgery has transformed the lives of millions, offering freedom from glasses and contact lenses with its remarkable precision and effectiveness. However, a common question arises for many patients: Can you have LASIK twice?

Complications of Multifocal Implants

Multifocal lens implants have dramatically improved patients’ lifestyles. Many feel that this technology has allowed them to regain their youthful vision.

Cataract Risk Factors

Cataracts may develop at any age, although they are more frequent in adults over 60. This article will go through the reasons and risk factors for cataracts, such as age, eye trauma, and certain medical diseases.

Alternative Treatments to Cataracts

The most often marketed alternative treatments for cataracts are eye drops, vitamins, and home remedies. Several eye solutions claim to dissolve or prevent cataracts, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned against using them since they may be harmful and cause eye damage.

Cataract Symptoms

One of the most frequent cataract symptoms is impaired or blurred vision. This may be caused by lens clouding, which scatters light entering the eye and makes it harder to see properly.